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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 30, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> he is banking on rising property tax assessments to help make ends meet. his democratic primary challengers spent more than a year listening to residents. he plans to use technology to reduce the size of government. >> if we had a centralized system, i think it would save county resources. they do not have to spend any time answering phone calls, and we can get the problems fixed and move on to the next one. republican ken holt is getting a lot of attention, and not just because he looks like ronald reagan. he is a porous state delegate and also owns a form. he is hoping a government efficiency audit will reveal savings and he believes there is money to be collected in property-tax assessments. >> my approach is that you have to stimulate business and draw
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them to the county. how do you do that? you reduce these and taxes. it did not increase what is a financial burden that eliminates the amount of money someone will have in their pockets to spend and invest. >> he is a towson university graduate. mr. holt expects to have its first fund-raiser on his farm next month. >> as we told you last night, pat macdonald wants to bring arizonas of crashing -- cracking down on immigration niger to maryland. the law will duplicate arizonas hotly debated law requiring officers to question anyone they suspect is in this country illegally. he says the state law is needed because the federal government is not doing its job. immigrant groups leader said the
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new law is discriminatory and will lead to racial profiling. >> a vote on the proposed beverage tax in baltimore city is now set for monday. one scheduled for this morning was postponed. jayne miller joi us live from city hall with more details. >> none of the proposed taxes being kicked around are generating so much pressure and so much debate. othis is lobbying. representatives of the beverage and retail industry doing the talking, city council members doing the listing. the topic is a 4 cent tax on some beverages, including bottle of soda and water, proposed by the mayor. >> i've probably talked to them at least through four times. >> enough to be convinced to forget the bottle tax and think of other ways to tax business.
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>> we could raise the energy tax higher across the entire commercial sector, and raise revenue from all businesses in smaller amounts, rather than like in individual industries like beverage retailers. >> they expected a committee vote on the bill, but it was instead postponed. bill cold calls of the toughest vote he has had to make as he awaits the alternative of dramatic cuts in city services. >> i also understand that the economy is tumultuous at best, and for small business owners, you do not want to push them over the brink. >> the industry's run an aggressive campaign to stop the tax proposal.
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the mayor shrugs it off. >> if i took any of this personally, i would be in the wrong business. >> the proposed bottle tax would exempt milk, juice is with at least 10% for, and 2 liter size sodas. a vote is now set for monday afternoon. >> we have breaking news tonight. a person hit by a car in essex. captain roy taylor has a view of it all. >> this is northbound martin boulevard at copperas road. we have video to show you. from what we understand, a young girlçq9÷ between 13 and 15 yeard was in the process of crossing here at martin boulevard and was struck by a car that was going about 50 miles an hour. she was thrown quite a distance.
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baltimore county police responded along with paramedics. they worked on the individual and just transported her to hopkins pediatric. the crash team is on the scene right now. expect northbound martin boulevard to be shut down for some time. >> also tonight, a child is recovered -- it recovering after being hit by a car. authorities were called to moderate boulevard in annapolis. a 3-year-old child was rushed to hawkins pediatrics. there's no word on the child's condition. >> fire crews took about an hour to bring this fire under control. >> a grand jury has indicted a woman authorities say is responsible for starting an apartment fire that injured three people.
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one firefighter suffered serious burns and broken bones when the fire forced him to jump from the third floor window. >> seven people were recovering after they were overcome with carbon monoxide this morning. a mother and her four children were found outside their home on southern road. officials say she had been using a generator in the basement because she had no electricity. two men in adjacent homes for also being treated. per officials say generators should never be used indoors. some baltimore county residents will be without water tonight and possibly tomorrow morning. crews with the decorum of public works are working on a water main valve at 9:00 tonight. areas affected will be back river neck, little girl, high point, rocky point, breezy point, and maryland ave. they expect to have the water back on by noon tomorrow.
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>> tonight president obama has halted all new offshore oil drilling until additional safeguards can be put in place to prevent a massive spill like the one threatening the gulf coast now. the leaking will is being some 200,000 gallons a day and some of it is already blowing in some of it is into the environmentally sensitive wetlands. >> with sections of the gulf coast possibly on the brink of environmental and economic disaster, is an all-out effort by the federal government to contain the oil and mitigate the damage. janet napolitano urged bp to leverage additional assets. >> is clear that after several unsuccessful attempts to secure the source of the leak, it is time for bp to supplement their current mobilization. >> the pentagon is sending to air force plans to dump
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chemicals on the spill. in all the president has suspended new offshore oil drilling until the cause of this bill is known. >> i continue to believe that domestic oil production is an important part of our overall strategy for energy security. i have always said it must be done responsibly. >> the president ordered ken salazar to report back on what can be done to prevent future spills. >> that is absolutely dead on arrival now, given this situation. we are panicked. >> nelson questions whether the incident is partly to blame on a post regulatory system on the blink. bp's president says the company has mounted an unprecedented response effort and welcomes
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every new idea an offer of support. >> that oil spill is having an adverse effect on shipments here in maryland. lowell melser continues our team coverage. >> seafood exports here in maryland say the price of crabs, shrimp, oysters, and fish coming from the gulf of mexico could skyrocket over the next couple of weeks. some of these experts tell us the oil spill could be one of the most devastating things ever to happen to the u.s. seafood industry. it is now being anticipated that the oil slick in louisiana will have an effect on your wallet and your dinner table if you enjoy seafood. this seafood distributor is already seeing some prices go up. >> it will push the prices up a great deal and it could affect the cost of everything.
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>> we are already hearing that schrempp have gone up a couple of dollars a pound on our end. -- shrimp have gone up a couple of dollars a pound. . frank's seafood gets a lot of seafood from the gulf. >> it has messed up the situation a little bit, but not quite as bad as this. it is quite a catastrophe. >> the bottom line is, if you like gulf shrimp, or seafood from the gulf, stock up now and freeze it if you can, because experts feel it is safe to say the prices are going to go up, or may not be available at all. >> from the distribution level, they tell us the price of gulf shrimp has gone up between $1.30
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dollars a pound. the same distributors expect within a couple of weeks the price will double, triple, or possibly quadrupled. >> stay with us. there is still much more ahead on 11 news at 6. >> the preakness is staying in maryland. a live report, coming up. >> the red sox are in town. why should you come watch the orioles team? we'll answer that later in sports. >> board this condition is expected tonight and it will feel like summer -- gorgeous conditions expected tonight and will feel like summer on the weekend. the current temperature downtown is 84 degrees. is 84 degrees.
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preakness celebration. >> we are learning of a new deal that will keep the preakness in maryland for ever. rahm problem is live at pimlico race course tonight. -- rob roblin is live at pimlico race course not. >> the preakness will stay in the state of maryland. at a press conference at pimlico this afternoon, governor martin o'malley and the attorney- general announced an agreement has been reached with magna entertainment that will keep the preakness in maryland for ever. thanks to the hard work of our attorney general and a lot of other stakeholders, we are able to announce that we have been able to conclude an agreement with mag that that is binding and keeps the preakness in maryland for at all time. i am excited to be able to share that information with you. >> the agreement reached in bankruptcy court says that
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whoever owns pimlico cannot sell or move the preakness out of maryland. >> in the event that someone tried to move the preakness someday of maryland, the preakness itself has to stay here. it assures that maryland will have the right of first refusal and will always have the preakness here. there is nothing anybody can do to move it. >> today's announcement was great news, especially for baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings lake. >> i am so happy, it is hard for me to contain myself. when i got the news, i was ecstatic. having this announcement on this gorgeous day is going to mean good things for preakness whether it this year. >> the preakness is just two weeks away. >> now, your forecast with
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sandra shaw. at the derby tomorrow, they have the risk for some severe storms. a line of storms is going to be moving through the ohio valley. is going to be difficult for the fashion out there and for the racing with a muddy track. a gorgeous weekend is forecast. we have clear skies now. we are remaining currently in the 80's. it is 82 curley at the airport. we talked out at 86 at the inner harbor. 89 tomorrow. the record high was set in 1985 and we will be in that range, anywhere from 86 to 89 degrees for tomorrow. a mild night ahead with clear skies. rate for the orioles taking on the boston red sox at camden yard tonight.
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all that moist air is funneling in by late tomorrow. we could even see 90 degrees tomorrow down at the inner harbor. waves only one-2 feet in the chesapeake. we have a warm front to the north, the cold front to the west is moving slowly. it will not cross the mid atlantic until monday. our best shot of showers over the weekend and storms would really come late on sunday. we have a concern down on the gulf coast of turbulent waters and very strong winds. that is just going to push more oil into the shore line down there. no worries through sunday for the majority of the day until evening. shower start to percolate through sunday night and then
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monday it will be a washout as we have showers and gray skies forecasts and cougar conditions. after theweg:ñ front is three h, we rebound nicely. -- after the front gets through here, we rebound nicely. >> the orioles close out april by opening a weekend series against the boston red sox. no one is struggling quite like the orioles this year in the major leagues. pete gilbert joins us. >> it is a gorgeous evening here at camden yards. despite the fact that the orioles are losing as bad as they are, and the red sox are not that great. it will not be a packed house, but part of the problem is not just that the orioles are losing, it is that they are not scoring any runs and not playing exciting baseball.
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the orioles with runners in scoring position are hitting 19 3. it is hard to be that bad. why should fans come out and watch this team? i struggle with providing an answer. >> this is your team. this is the baltimore orioles. if you love your team, you love them for good times and bad times, and you stick with them. sooner or later, this team will turn it around, and you want to be here when that happens. >> you have to admire that confidence and belief. i asked him how he deals with this. he said he does not. he just deals with it. >> tiger woods may have returned to the tour, but he still has his weekends free, at least this weekend. he missed the cut at the quail
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hollow for only the second time in his career. it was one of his first -- worst rounds ever as a pro and he got no breaks. it looked more like bill murray then tiger on the 15th. tiger is the easy bogey putt. it is tighter after all, he misses the bogey putt and gets the double bogey on the whole. the worst to round score of tigers career is so he has a couple of three days now on his hand. monsoon like conditions in some of the forecast for the kentucky derby. a full field of 20 cars this as a wide range of talent. homeboy chris has celebrity connections. it is not see tomorrow's
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kentucky derby as having gone as much pressure as the world series. >> i am proud to be part of the team and the group that owns this courshorse. >> a large measure of honesty from joe torre. we will have the forecast just ahead.
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>> shares in harford county are trying to find a gun stolen from a local farm. how did it end up in a convenience store? we will let you know. tonight, how the owner may have
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caused the neighborhood a landmark.
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flooding conditions are possible. here it is beautiful. let's take a look at the seven- day forecast. it is going to feel like summer this weekend. 88 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. many a 10% chance of an isolated storm to the west. a good weekend is in store. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening.
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